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So, I'm going to be heading south for the winter at some point next week, despite the fact the weather really isn't much better down there. Consider this a warning for me all but disappearing until mid-January. I'll still be contactable through e-mail or DM's to this account. But beyond that, I have no idea how much I'll actually be around for tagging.

This goes for all my muses (Sam servedhell/rearmed), Ramiel (conciliates), Michael (consented), Mary (raisedahunter) and obviously Castiel too. Just assume they're all going about their usual business (though that's mostly for TA)

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I'm just leaving this message on all my journals so that people are aware of what's going on regarding my activity levels/delays in replying.

Thanks to some training I've been undergoing recently, I've had to work on a few different types of wards. And seeing as ward opening times are controlled by the wards (and not the PCT AS WOULD BE THE BEST IDEA), my start/finishing times have been all over the place as of late.

But for the next few months, I'm going to be working on a single ward, and that's going to hinder my availability during the week. 6am starts and unknown length shifts mean it's unlikely I'll be around for more than an hour or so most days. Add that to the fact I'm running on GMT here and it makes gameplay a little difficult.

That said! If you do tag any of my posts, I will get back to them asap. This is just really a heads up that this'll likely be happening for a while.

Sorry about this.